Napoli, Ostigard: “Scoring against Real Madrid, something I had in mind as a child and actually happened”

Leo Ostigard, Napoli’s central defender, spoke to the Norwegian website Tv2 about his time with the Azzurri jersey.

“Scoring against Real Madrid in the Champions League? It’s difficult to describe that feeling. You don’t understand much. It’s something I had in mind as a child and then it actually happened. When I don’t play, I can get bored and angry. When I don’t play, which I love so much, it’s difficult. But over the years, I have learned to deal with this situation better and appreciate even more when I step onto the field. Family? I always call my sisters, brother, mom and dad, grandparents, and uncles every day. They know me very well and they see the difference in my mood. It’s not always nice for them to receive calls when I’m a bit grumpy, but they help me a lot with this. It’s important to have a family that supports you.”

Source: Leo Ostigard, Napoli player, on Tv2 (Norwegian website)

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