Napoli, Mazzarri: Uncertainty over Osimhen’s position as a starter

Napoli’s coach, Walter Mazzarri, has spoken to Sky Sport ahead of their Champions League face-off against Braga.

Mazzarri stated that Napoli is not in a position to make calculations and must focus on their style of play while striving for better balance in their performance. “If we are thinking about something different, we risk a poor game,” Mazzarri cautioned in his remarks to Sky Sport.

Furthermore, speaking on Victor Osimhen, Mazzarri revealed that preparations are ongoing. Osimhen had a day off and completed all necessary actions. “I’ll speak to him tomorrow and I will understand if he’s ready to start from the beginning,” Mazzarri said.

He also hinted at Osimhen’s likely absence due to the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations tournament but affirmed there was no cause for alarm with talented players like Raspadori and Simeone in their ranks.

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