Napoli in Crisis: The Scudetto Regress

The crisis at Napoli seems unending following their 3-0 defeat against Torino, igniting numerous concerns for the blue side of the city.

Their change in management, with Garcia’s departure and Mazzarri’s entrance, has not yielded the anticipated results. Severe consequences are seen in their average point, falling significantly from 1.7 to 1 under the new Tuscan coach.

The team has struggled to score, with no goals in their last four matches, or five if you consider their Coppa Italia performance. There is a severe lack of leadership, no one to take the players by the hand and guide them out of this challenging period.

Osimhen’s absence, due to his participation in the African Cup, is certainly not helping the situation. However, the marked downturn from championship level to today is incredibly clear. Comparing the two halves of the season, Napoli has 22 fewer points. Going from 50 points last year to their current 28. What’s particularly concerning, is their placement in the league – with the fourth spot now far beyond reach.

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