Napoli, De Laurentiis on Garcia: “He’s not doing well”

The words of Salvatore Bagni, former player of Maradona’s Napoli, about the constant presence of the president at Napoli has been reported by Il Mattino. Bagni said, “Too many ups and downs and then a few lapses in memory. When you give the opponent 50 meters, you’re only playing in 40 meters, something is not right. You play great for one time and give it away the next. You concede a counterattack goal against a team that would have taken months to score one. And now the qualification is getting complicated: we shouldn’t have had to wait until the last day to secure the pass to the knockout rounds. Especially since the group doesn’t seem tough to me at all. De Laurentiis? I don’t know what he can add to the team, since despite his presence, the performance has always been inconsistent. I was used to Ferlaino who only came to the training ground on the Saturday before the games. He would greet us, have a quick chat, and promise us a bonus. That was enough for us. De Laurentiis at the training ground is like a tutor. It’s not good for the coach. Tutors are for people who are in difficulty. Garcia knows what he has in mind and what he needs to give.”

This news was shared by Il Mattino, quoting Salvatore Bagni, the former Napoli player.

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