Naples mayor: Our major goal is to make Maradona a stadium for upcoming European matches

Napoli’s Mayor, Gaetano Manfredi, has spoken out on the sidelines of an event where legendary football manager Luciano Spalletti was honoured with a citizenship award at Maradona Stadium.

There has been an ongoing dialogue about making the stadium truly representative of the city’s football passion and the club’s devoted fans. Thus, there is a need for a grand stadium for Napoli and their supporters, stated Manfredi, highlighting that this isn’t just an aspiration but rather a significant objective.

“Our great goal is to bring Maradona to be a stadium for the next Euros. It’s not an easy match, like Italy’s group [in international competitions]. But we usually win difficult matches, so we will also win this one”, he was quoted by Calcio News 24.

In a nod to the relationship with the club’s president Aurelio De Laurentiis, Mayor Manfredi said, “I believe there is mutual respect, of course, there’s always a dialogue. What we need to achieve is the result.”

Acknowledging Napoli as a ‘city of football’, the Mayor highlighted their commitment to fortifying the steadfast bond shared by the city and the football club. The Mayor expects solid plans and proposals to come from the club in the pursuit of this goal.

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