Nagelsmann’s Germania squad: The decision on Thiaw

Germany’s national team manager Julian Nagelsmann has named his squad for the upcoming friendly matches, and there are some interesting selections to note. The call-up of Milan’s Malick Thiaw is particularly noteworthy, as he is the only player from Serie A to make the cut.

The squad includes a mix of experienced players and promising talents, with a total of 28 players selected to represent Germany in the friendly matches.

When asked about his squad selection, Nagelsmann stated, “I believe that each player brings something unique to the team, and I am confident in their abilities to perform well in our upcoming matches.”

Nagelsmann also mentioned that he is excited to see how the team will come together on the field, and is looking forward to testing out different tactics and formations.

With the inclusion of Thiaw, there is a sense of anticipation around how the young defender will perform at the international level, and all eyes will be on him as he represents Germany in the upcoming matches.

While Nagelsmann’s squad selection has raised some eyebrows, there is an overall sense of optimism and excitement as the team prepares to take on their opponents in the upcoming friendlies.

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