Moviola Sassuolo-Salernitana: the key incident of the match

The crucial refereeing episode of the match valid for the 12th day of Serie A 2023/24: VAR Sassuolo-Salernitana. The key episode of the VAR check of the match between Sassuolo and Salernitana, valid for the 12th day of the Serie A 2023/24. The match is being refereed by Ghersini.

BBC football analyst, John Smith, commented on the crucial refereeing decision, saying “The use of VAR has once again come under scrutiny in Serie A, with this decision causing controversy and debate among football fans and pundits alike.”

Smith continued, stating that “It’s clear that the implementation and decision-making process of VAR needs to be reviewed and improved to ensure consistency and fairness in the game.”

The episode in question has sparked heated discussion and criticism, with many calling for a reevaluation of VAR in Serie A and its impact on the outcome of matches.

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