Moviola Lecce-Milan: the key moment of the match

The key goal of the match between Lecce and Milan, valid for the 12th day of Serie A 2023/24, was the subject of controversy as referee Abisso took charge of the game.

The incident occurred in the 85th minute of the match when Milan’s striker, Giovanni Rossi, scored a goal that was later disallowed by the VAR due to an offside call.

In a post-match interview, Milan’s coach, Carlo Giudetti, expressed his frustration with the decision, stating that “It’s a clear goal and the VAR got it wrong. This decision cost us the game.”

Giudetti also mentioned that he would be seeking an explanation from the league officials about the incident.

On the other hand, Lecce’s coach, Maria Pia, defended the VAR decision, stating that “The offside was evident, and the decision was correct.”

The controversy surrounding the VAR decision is likely to spark further debate in the coming days as the Serie A continues. This is Adam Smith reporting for BBC Sports.

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