Moviola controversy in Sassuolo-Salernitana: the key moment of the match

The crucial refereeing episode of the match valid for the 12th day of Serie A 2023/24: Sassuolo-Salernitana VAR.

In the match between Sassuolo and Salernitana, the key episode of the VAR, valid for the 12th day of Serie A 2023/24, was directed by the referee Ghersini.

The sports director of Sassuolo, Marco Magnani, stated that “The decision made by the VAR was completely wrong. It was a clear penalty in our favor and it could have changed the outcome of the match.”

According to Ghersini, the referee, he explained that “I stand by my decision to not award the penalty. After reviewing the incident, I believe that the contact was not enough to justify a foul.”

Although the controversial decision played a crucial role in the match, Salernitana scored a late goal and won the match 2-1 against Sassuolo.

The result of the match has sparked widespread debate, with fans and analysts expressing their opinions on social media and other platforms.

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