Mourinho on Roma: We’ll need personality against Juve

Roma head coach, Jose Mourinho, addressed the media during a press conference ahead of the team’s away game against Juventus.

Discussing the potential team line-up, Mourinho was notably vague about Paulo Dybala’s and Mancini’s roles. “Whether they start or come off the bench, I’ve yet to decide,” he said. Despite not providing a clear answer, he did hint that both players are likely to be available.

When asked about the opposition, Juventus and their manager, Max Allegri, Mourinho seemed upbeat and positive. He expressed his belief that focusing on results is the most important aspect in soccer and applauded Juventus for their strong defence and counter-attacks.

Addressing the controversy surrounding Bonucci, Mourinho was of the view that while fans form the heart of a club, ultimate decisions should be made by those in authority. “Doing something that greatly pleases the fans fuels the passion,” he said. However, he disapproved any actions contrary to that.

Mourinho also commented on Renato Sanches, admitting he’s facing a complicated situation. Despite the lack of information about Sanches’ potential departure, Mourinho confirmed that Sanches won’t be playing in the upcoming match against Juventus due to a lack of training due to work issues.

For the team to secure a win, Mourinho emphasised the importance of showing personality. He commended the team’s performance against Napoli and expressed hope for a similar display against Juventus.

Mourinho also spoke highly of Pellegrini, seeing him as a player of superior quality. He observed an improvement in Pellegrini’s performance, praising his concentration and work during the past week.

Finally, Mourinho addressed the issues surrounding defence and the transfer market. Without going into specifics, he was clear that he will do his best given the circumstances, with the aim of maintaining focus on the upcoming matches.

All these quotes were attributed to Mourinho during a press conference, a customary pre-match ritual where the coach provides his views on match preparation, player performance, and insights on strategy.

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