Mourinho clashes with Orsato over ‘modern football’ penalty in Roma game

After the match against Lazio, Roma coach José Mourinho expressed his frustration in an interview with Mediaset. He took aim at the referee, Orsato, over a controversial decision made during the game.

Mourinho stated, “Today’s incident is a penalty in modern football, the referee from three meters away doesn’t whistle.” This statement suggests Mourinho’s displeasure at a missed penalty decision that he believed should have gone in Roma’s favour.

He went on to insinuate that the outcome of the match was influenced by the referee’s actions. Without directly quoting him, the Roma coach implied that the side getting the first goal with Orsato as the referee would end up winning the match because the top-rated official doesn’t allow much play.

The source of these direct quotes from Mourinho is an interview carried out by Mediaset. More of Mourinho’s thoughts on the game, including his views on the tactics and performance of his players, can be found on Lazio News 24.

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