Mourinho clashes with Massimo Mauro: Demands respect for Roma

In a post-match interview with Sport Mediaset, AS Roma’s manager, José Mourinho, has reportedly voiced criticisms against Massimo Mauro. This follows the football match between Roma and Cremonese.

Mourinho is quoted as saying, “Is Massimo Mauro here? No? Pity. One must respect our difficulties, everything that we give. I don’t believe that any team in Italy has won a match without a single central defender, maybe yes, but it’s hard.

The AS Roma manager underlined the team’s unity and their effort to always give their best. Mourinho shared concerns on the apparent risk when falling behind in the match, mentioning players like Llorente and Celik, who were on yellow cards. He also referred to Kristensen not being a natural central defender despite possessing significant speed and physicality.

He went on to discuss the player changes Cremonese made in the match. Mourinho stated that he trusted Kristensen’s speed in response to the alterations. He mentioned the offensive potential the team displayed with the addition of Dybala and Azmoun to the setup.

Considering a hypothetical scenario, José Mourinho said, “If we had gone out today, we would have gone out exhausted and in need of a solution, thankfully we rightfully won against a team that is not from Serie B, and neither is the manager.”

Looking back at his team’s performance, Mourinho appeared satisfied with the result of the match against a well-regarded opponent, underlining the merit of his side’s victory.

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