Mourinho Case: The Coach Demands Only One Thing – He Expects Justice from Them

Roma’s head coach, José Mourinho, has spoken out at a press conference about his interaction with Giuseppe Chinè. Mourinho said, “I expect justice from sports justice”. He also emphasised that meeting Chinè was not an issue for him, indicating that he is focused solely on his work at Roma.

The manager explained that he had voluntarily attended the meeting with Chinè and was glad to have had the opportunity to express his thoughts candidly. Mourinho further clarified that he had never insulted the referee or questioned their expertise. “The phrase I used seems normal to me; I use it even when I talk about myself”, he said. He pointed out that there might have been some misunderstanding about his remarks but reiterated his innocence.

He also praised the referee’s conduct during the recent match, adding, “they demonstrated the ability to manage the game, which I acknowledged after the match. I fail to see any issues with this”.

The full recording of Mourinho’s press conference can be located on Calcionews24 web page.

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