Mourinho Calls Atalanta a Great Team, Refrains from Judging Thiago Pinto

In a press conference ahead of Roma’s home game against Atalanta, Roma’s coach José Mourinho underscored the skills of the opposing team and deferentially addressed the hierarchy within his own club.

Mourinho, speaking ahead of the potentially tough game, praised Atalanta as a quality side. “Atalanta is a great team rich in quality, which follows its coach perfectly,” he stated. He recalled that two years ago, Roma won against Atalanta, but lost in one of the most memorable home games last season. “It’s always tough, but we are resilient, we aren’t easy for any opponent. We always find strength in our difficulties. They know it won’t be easy,” Mourinho commented.

Similarly, when asked about Thiago Pinto, he showed assenting respect towards the hierarchy of the club. “I respect the hierarchies. I am here, higher up is the director, and above him, the ownership,” he said. Mourinho insisted that despite having his own experiences, he is not in a position to judge the work of his superiors. Expressing steadfast support for Pinto, the Roma coach said, “I can say that I hope the best for the director [Pinto], and he knows it because we are friends. It was his decision and it should be respected; I will always cheer for everything to go well for him.”

Showing an optimistic attitude towards the future, Mourinho ended his statement saying, “I have faith in the future.” His words reflect an admirable unity and loyalty within Roma and anticipation for the Atalanta match.

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