Mourinho at Roma conference: I am an example of professionalism

Ahead of the match against Milan, José Mourinho, the coach of Roma, raised a few pertinent issues during a press conference.

Mourinho emphasized his dedication to his role and professionalism, saying, “I have been here for two years and five months and am the only person on this team who has not missed a single training session. For me, there is no place for illness or mood swings. For two-and-a-half years, I never made a mistake, not even a couple of weeks ago when everyone was ill.” He added that his absence from Rome for a brief duration shouldn’t raise any doubts regarding his professionalism.

He explained his brief absence stating, “Months ago, I needed a day off for a situation I do not have to explain. It was planned with director Pinto and the ownership that the day after the derby would be a suitable day. I was out of Rome for 15 hours, but I find it ridiculous to have to justify it. I will not accept any challenge to my professionalism, dignity, or my passion for the job. If there is a perfect example of professionalism, it’s me.”

Commenting on their upcoming game against Milan, Mourinho assessed, “We are facing a team that is playing for the title, which won two years ago. The point gap between them and Juventus and Inter seems challenging to cover, but that is the team that has lost some key players due to injury in defence, midfield, and the attack. They have lost 2-3 players but have also gained 2 in their quest to find the solution. They have recruited Terracciano, and re-signed Gabbia. It’s a team that certainly wants to win following their cup defeat, which would have been a target for them. They are well aware of our difficulties, as it seems everyone does.”

He also shared his doubts on Dybala’s presence for the match against Milan. He said, “I think we will miss him in the game with Milan.”

These statements were made by Mourinho during his press conference as reported by Milan News 24.

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