Moratti: Inter crucial for my life, I will tell you everything

Ex-Inter President, Massimo Moratti, recently touched upon various topics related to Inter football in an interview with Radio TV Serie A. He expressed his deep connection with the club, and discussed the different experiences of being both the Inter president and a football fan.

When asked how he feels about Inter, Moratti expressed the different perspectives he has held over time. He said, “There are two different ways to experience it when you are president and today: before, you are responsible and taken by a sense of duty and passion, and you do not let go. When you are a fan, you are free to be angry with the club and the players, and to live differently: you bring home much more serenity.”

 Similarly, he reiterated these sentiments when asked if it was easier to be part of the club in the past compared to now. In both roles, Moratti indicated he always carried the club’s responsibilities and interests close to his heart.

Speaking on life without Inter, Moratti emphasized how ingrained the club has been to his life. He noted, “Who knows, it’s always been there. Football is important, we loved Inter: my dad was a big fan, he had dragged us all, he was a great president. It was natural for me to do what I’ve done.”

The full interview with Massimo Moratti can be accessed via the link provided.

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