Monza, Palladino refuses to comment on expulsion, expresses pride

Raffaele Palladino, Frosinone’s manager, expressed his thoughts on the post-match scenario of their recent Serie A duel against Roma. Palladino spoke to Sky Sport, focusing primarily on the game’s events and the performance of his team.

Palladino stated, “I do not want to create controversy. We should focus on the happenings on the field, that’s what truly matters.” He voiced his pride in his players, applauding their tenacity in a tough environment.

“I am proud of my boys. We did well, even with ten against eleven for 60 minutes,” Palladino commented on his team’s resilience.

In the second half, Frosinone had three to four opportunities, highlighting the unpredictability of the sport. Though unwilling to comment on the refereeing decisions, Palladino made it clear that he hadn’t revisited any contentious moments from the match.

Palladino professed uncertainty over a potentially controversial moment involving player D’Ambrosio, stating, “I don’t know if it was a foul or not, but D’Ambrosio certainly went in decisively, that’s what I ask of my defenders.”

He conveyed, however, that he would not be disheartened by this incident. “I’m not angry with him. He wanted to get to the ball, such things happen. I would be angry if he doesn’t go for it next time,” Palladino said, indicating his desire for continued aggression on the pitch from his players.

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