Monza, Galliani: Berlusconi and I sought to choose certain people, educate them, and instill certain values

AC Milan vice-president Adrian Galliani has spoken at a press conference about Monza’s initiative to combat and prevent violence against women.

Speaking about the initiative, Galliani said, “The Serie A will be making initiatives related to the fight against violence against women. The match against Torino will be a highly visible one, and we thought it was the right occasion to talk about it. Motorola is removing its logo to put this meaningful phrase. The League said yes, it seems to me an act of great social responsibility. The players responded positively because they are good guys. All generous, it’s a beautiful group where they are good off the field as well as on the green rectangle. They also carry out other social situations. The credit for this initiative goes to Motorola. Monza is not a role model for anyone and we do not want to be teachers. Berlusconi and I have tried to choose certain people and educate them and pass on certain values. The message is on our shirt: ‘He was the man of my dreams, now he’s my nightmare’. Millions of people will see this race and this message will come across. I feel very strongly about this because I read too much about femicides. It’s something aberrant.”

Galliani emphasized the importance of using the platform of football to promote social messages and discussed the responsibility of clubs and players to address serious social issues. The initiative from the Monza team has garnered attention from the Serie A and has the potential to spark important conversations about violence against women within the football community.

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