Moncada urges patience in Milan: “Transfer Market? We must remain calm”

Geoffrey Moncada, Milan’s chief scouting officer, shared his thoughts and insights with Sky Sport right before the kick-off of the Udinese-Milan match.

Speaking on the team’s recent performances, Moncada stated, “I think we’ve done a lot of work. We’re more focused on the matches and there’s a great spirit. The group is doing well.”

When questioned about the dynamics within the team, he revealed, “We’re always together, we win together and we fall together. We want to develop the group.”

Furthermore, Moncada addressed the ongoing transfer rumours and speculation, saying, “We’re always working, looking at the market, and we’re in line with [Stefano] Pioli. We need to remain patient and examine the profiles carefully, which is a task to be done daily.”

Discussing potential defensive transfers, the scouting chief emphasized, “At the moment, we need to understand the situations of the clubs and the players before making any decisions.” This statement was given amidst rumours of potential transfers.

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