Moggi on Bastoni-Duda Incident: Everyone saw what happened

Former Juventus managing director, Luciano Moggi, has shed light on the key incidents of the Inter-Verona match in an interview with

During the discussion, Moggi addressed the incident involving Bastoni and Duda. He stated, “Judge for yourself, you all saw what happened. Why should I give my judgement? Just watch the television and see the decisions that were made during the crucial moments…”

Talk also turned to Massimiliano Allegri, whose team currently stands second in the league rankings. “I cannot understand, he could overturn the prediction, despite Inter boasting the strongest defence, the best attack and the top scorer. Juve remains just two points behind,” Moggi said.

These statements were referenced from a discussion with Moggi on, and more of the conversation can be found on InterNews24.

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