Modena, Bianco: “Samp from Serie A, Pirlo will have a great career”

Modena manager Paolo Bianco has spoken out on the eve of the Serie B clash against Sampdoria. Speaking at a press conference, Bianco addressed the media and shared his thoughts ahead of the match.

Bianco emphasized the strength of Sampdoria as a team built to occupy different areas of the league standings. He stated, “The Samp is a strong team built to occupy areas of the standings different from the current one. They are growing and have players of a higher category as well as a coach who will have a great career.”

He also highlighted the tactical approach of Sampdoria, stating, “They play with a 4-3-2-1 formation, we will have to adapt and play our game. We face a difficult match, we are ready and full of awareness. Since July, I have been emphasizing the attitude that the team must have, in B it is very important.”

Bianco’s focus on the team’s attitude and readiness for the challenge ahead showcases his determination to approach the match with a strong mindset. The Modena manager’s words reflect the preparations and mindset of the team as they gear up to face Sampdoria in the upcoming Serie B encounter.

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