Mirante credits Milan Cagliari victory to youth, expresses regret

AC Milan goalkeeper Antonio Mirante has shared his thoughts after the team’s victory over Cagliari in the Coppa Italia match. Speaking to Mediaset, the veteran goalie offered his perspective on Milan’s performance.

Mirante praised the younger players on the team, acknowledging that the game was tough for them. He said they had played well nonetheless, even though the team’s approach hadn’t initially been as solid as he would have liked.

“We didn’t start as strong as we could have, but we adjusted as the game progressed,” stated Mirante, as reported by Mediaset. He added that they were able to find space on the right side with players like Chukwueze and Adli, creating an advantage.

As the match progressed and Milan held a two-goal advantage, Mirante said the team found it easier to navigate. However, the one goal they conceded apparently irritated the veteran goalie.

“I’m annoyed with the goal we conceded,” he admitted.

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