Milan’s transfer market surprise scenario for defence: Moncada and Furlani’s idea

In an unexpected move, AC Milan might delay their defensive reinforcement until summer, eying the football transfer market with caution.

The club is said to be contemplating this shift due to the impressive performances of their centre-back, Theo Hernandez, and due to increasing likelihood of a change in the technical leadership.

According to Calcio News 24, Milan bosses, Moncada and Furlani, despite continuously scouting for new talent, are considering postponing their investment until the summer.

The excellent showings from Hernandez in the centre-back position have certainly given them pause, with the player proving himself a valuable asset to the team’s defence.

While the potential shift in the technical direction of the team is also playing a role in these deliberations, it seems the management is keeping all their options open for now.

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