Milan’s transfer budget reportedly set at 100 million for four key signings

Milan has announced the budget that Gerry Cardinale will allocate for the summer transfer window: €100 million to strengthen the squad with at least four key signings.

This significant revelation was shared by Gazzetta dello Sport in an exclusive on Milan’s upcoming transfer market activities.

Gerry Cardinale is prepared to set aside approximately €100 million to enable the Rossoneri management to bolster the team available to them for the coming season.

“We are committed to ensuring that Milan remains competitive at the highest level,” a source close to the club quoted Gerry Cardinale as saying, according to Gazzetta dello Sport.

The allocation of these funds marks a significant investment in the club’s future and aligns with their ambitions to compete both domestically and in Europe.

With these resources, Milan will aim to make strategic acquisitions during the summer transfer window, targeting at least four high-profile players to enhance their squad.

This move is seen as a critical step in maintaining the club’s standing and achieving success in upcoming competitions.

Milan fans can expect an exciting and busy transfer period as the club sets its sights on bringing new talent to San Siro.

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