Milan’s Ibrahimovic eagerly looks forward to contribute

Former AC Milan striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, has spoken about his return to the club in an interview with the Financial Times.

Ibrahimovic stated, “RedBird has collaborated with some of the world’s biggest athletes, teams, and business figures in creating meaningful and impactful enterprises. I am looking forward to contributing to their investment activities in their sports, media, and entertainment businesses”.

He conveyed his excitement about collaborating with RedBird, highlighting their previous collaborations with influential figures from the world of sport and business. Ibrahimovic is enamoured by the prospect of contributing to the organisation’s investments across a variety of sectors, which include sports, media and entertainment.

Although the striker did not elaborate on his forthcoming role at RedBird or his future contribution to these sectors, his statement did hint at a role that extends beyond his prowess on the pitch.

This marks an exciting time for AC Milan, with anticipation over what the return of Ibrahimovic – arguably one of the club’s most iconic figures in recent years, will translate into both on and off the pitch.

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