Milan’s Furlani says absence of ‘champion’ Leao hinders team

Ahead of the crucial Champions league match between Milan and Newcastle, Giorgio Furlani, a key figure at Milan, spoke candidly with Sky Sport.

In his statements, Furlani emphasized the importance of the upcoming game. “It’s the final, we need to win it, very simple,” he was quoted on Sky Sports as saying. He went on to express his confidence and hopes, praising the team’s focus ahead of the match.

Meanwhile, Milan’s talented player, Leao, certainly makes a difference to the team. Furlani stressed that while not having Leao would not be beneficial for the team, his presence boosts its performance greatly.

Towards the end of his dialogue, Furlani finally announced the arrival of the well-known footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic. His remarks made it clear how valuable Ibrahimovic’s addition would be to the team, both due to his skills as well as his strong presence. “Ibrahimovic has finally arrived and will bring a lot, he’s a champion, I’m glad we will work together,” he added, seemingly relieved.

The widely-anticipated match will put both the teams under the spotlight, with supporters eagerly waiting to see the impact of these key players on the performance and outcome.

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