Milan’s captain Calabria seeks to double his salary in renewal discussions

In the latest transfer discussions surrounding AC Milan one topic, in particular, stands out, the renewal of contract for Calabria. Ensuring his tenure at the club remains is seeming to be a summer priority for the Italian giants.

We learned from Milan transfer market expert, Daniele Longo, that the captain’s bid for renewal is making waves. His exact terms, however, remain undisclosed as of now and are expected to come to light in the upcoming summer session.

Primarily, the focus has been on renewals this season for Milan’s transfer market strategists. Among these, the renewal of Calabria is certainly one that has caught attention and is under keen observation.

Perhaps the surrounding buzz indicates the player’s importance to the team, suggesting his retention at the club could be crucial. The exact nature and details of both the captain’s request and the club’s plan in response remain a subject of continued speculation, fuelling even more rumours in the transfer market dialogue.

In the swirling whirlpool of summer transfers, it is certain that Milan’s intention to keep Calabria will be a prominent subject of conversation. Awaiting the club’s next move, followers of the game anticipate possible developments in the Calabria scenario. It remains to be seen whether the captain’s contract will see an extension, or if the Red and Blacks are planning a completely different move.

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