Milan’s Ambrosini backs Pioli: We’re not at a breaking point

Former AC Milan midfielder, Massimo Ambrosini, has shared his insights on Stefano Pioli’s season with the Rossoneri. In an interview with, Ambrosini addressed the speculation surrounding Pioli’s future with the Milanese club.

According to the Serie A league table, Ambrosini believes that Milan is in line with their minimum goals for the season. However, he expressed concern about the situation with the head coach. He stated, “I don’t think we’ve reached the point of no return, of a breakdown.” He further expressed his worry regarding the team’s occasional downturns in performance.

Ambrosini also touched upon the high expectations from the club’s owners, who have invested heavily in the transfer market. He states, “It is worrying to see how the team falls with this regularity.” Ambrosini’s comments reflect his worry for the club, taking into account the financial investments made by the directors.

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