Milan reportedly continues search for Giroud’s successor in the No. 9 role, with numerous alternatives to Zirkzee being considered.

The latest market updates on the possible new forward for AC Milan following Olivier Giroud’s departure.

“Who will replace Giroud?” has become the most pressing question within Milan’s headquarters, alongside the matter concerning the new coach.

The primary target is Bologna’s Joshua Zirkzee, but he is not the only one under consideration.

A source close to the club said, “Milan is actively exploring multiple options to fill the attacking void left by Giroud.”

This confirms that the Rossoneri are not placing all their eggs in one basket.

Rumours suggest that Milan are also eyeing other prominent names across European football.

Another insider revealed, “The scouting team is working around the clock to identify the best possible fit for the squad.”

Milan’s management is keen to make a swift decision to ensure the team’s competitiveness in the upcoming season.

Fans eagerly await official announcements, hoping for a marquee signing to bolster their forward line.

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