Milan, Pioli: We have a single goal and will do everything to achieve it

AC Milan’s head coach, Stefano Pioli, has given a press conference ahead of their Champions League clash with Newcastle. Pioli touched on several key points, ranging from his team’s outlook for the game to individual player updates.

Pioli conveyed his words to the squad simply and clearly. “Our single objective is to win and I know the team will do everything for this first real crossroads of the season”. This quote indicates Pioli’s decisive approach to the upcoming challenge, emphasizing their determination to secure a victory.

Regarding Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Pioli stated, “We spoke yesterday, he has always been a top player and he will face this challenge as he always does, as an added value”. This comment shows Pioli’s confidence in Ibrahimovic’s capabilities and his vital role in the team.

He articulated the game’s significance, “We have spoken a lot, we know the importance of staying in Europe, we have to make this moment our moment, let’s leave the foils aside”. Pioli emphasized the need for the team to seize the moment, dismissing any distractions or extraneous factors.

When asked about Sandro Tonali, Pioli said, “I am close to Sandro, unfortunately he fell into a delicate situation, we are close to him and I hope it can serve him in the future. There is no doubt about his qualities; Newcastle has acquired an excellent player”. Pioli expressed empathy for Tonali’s situation and reaffirmed the player’s strong abilities.

Finally, on the state of Rafael Leão, Pioli confirmed, “Rafa is fine, he is ready to play from the start”. This suggests that Leão is fully fit, primed to make a key contribution in the upcoming match.

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