Milan, Pioli: Too much frenzy, we should have controlled the game better

AC Milan’s head coach, Stefano Pioli, has expressed his disappointment after his team’s draw against Lecce in a recent match. Speaking to Dazn after the game, Pioli said, “We played with a frenzy in the second half that doesn’t suit us. We should have controlled the game better and exploited the openings.”

He lamented the missed opportunities to close out the game, saying, “The chances to win were there, but we failed to maintain the needed compactness as a team. Once again, we couldn’t win a match that was in our grasp.”

Although acknowledging the team’s loss of confidence after conceding a goal, Pioli insists that “it shouldn’t be like this.” He believes that frantic play and a lack of clarity are preventing the team from winning matches they should be able to.

Regarding the injuries of Leao and Calabria, Pioli shared, “Both of them suffered strain injuries. I put Musah in, not Florenzi, because he was more suitable to handle the pace and speed of the only player from Lecce who could create problems for us.”

Pioli admits the team must work on their errors and improve, as they are “losing points that take us further away from the top.” He also praised Reijnders, describing him as “an intelligent and technical player” with “excellent timing,” and encouraged him to keep up the good work as “he’s a player of high quality.”

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