Milan, Pioli: I know management trusts me and my work

Stefano Pioli, AC Milan’s coach, appeared upbeat in the aftermath of their victory over Sassuolo at San Siro. Speaking to Sky Sport after the match, Pioli had clear thoughts on the performance of his team.

Sharing his happiness over the victory, Pioli stated, “We won well. However, we could have played better or scored more. That is something we need to do in our upcoming matches. But there are different moments within the season. The boys have been good and attentive. This is the response of a cohesive and compact group that doesn’t surrender to difficulties.”

The Milan Coach had high praise for his team, asserting that “one of the skills of a coach is to understand the timing of his boys. Four or five years ago, I would have been a nuisance, but today, I grant great freedom to this group of boys. They are responsible and have a sense of duty towards this club.”

On the subject of his position as a coach potentially being precarious, Pioli offered a frank response. “Simply put, as long as I’m here, it means that the club has faith in me and believes that I am the best coach for this team. I’m aware that coaching a major club like Milan can lead to issues, but that has never crossed my mind. I have always considered the next game as the most important one, not the last. 2023 didn’t go as we intended and we’ll do what’s necessary to ensure that 2024 is a better year.”

In response to the whistles directed at Rafael Leao during the game, Pioli suggested, “I believe they were whistles of affection and esteem, recognising his qualities. People always expect high-level performances from him, but Rafa is not yet at 100%. Even so, I saw him as a point of reference, even if he didn’t win many duels. He needs to get in the best shape. Rafa certainly knows that high-level performances are expected from him.”

The victory leaves Milan in good spirits as they look to navigate the remainder of the football season.

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