Milan, Furlani: The draw doesn’t matter, we must beat everyone

Giorgio Furlani, an executive at AC Milan, has commented on the club’s Europa League draw against French team Rennes. The statement was made from the Serie A League offices.

In his remarks, Furlani gave no particular weight to the team they are set to face in the Europa League. “It doesn’t matter who we will face in the Europa League. If we want to win, we have to beat them all,” he stated.

Furlani also highlighted the recent spate of injuries that the team has been battling, admitting that it’s not an easy situation to work with. However, he positively noted that the team’s luck lies in their young players who have quickly adapted and have been incredibly supportive.

Following the injury to Stefano Pobega, Furlani revealed that there have not been any discussions regarding transfers in the aftermath.

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