Milan Awaits Juventus’ Decision on Chiesa Transfer

Massimiliano Allegri’s winger might bid farewell to the Bianconeri. His contract is set to expire in 2025, and the Rossoneri are waiting.

Federico Chiesa’s future at Juventus has never been so uncertain. The man who was supposed to be one of the mainstays at Juventus for years is now at risk of parting ways with the Bianconeri, while staying in Italy. This is because AC Milan is showing a lot of interest in the former Fiorentina player.

As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport, 2024 was a difficult year for Chiesa, scoring only one goal and far from his explosive form before his injury. If Juventus cannot agree on an extension until 2026, considering that his current contract is projected to end in 2025, then a sale might be on the cards. The auction base is estimated at between 30-40 million.

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