Milan Atalanta, Cesari: Jimenez can’t commit foul

Former Serie A referee, Graziano Cesari, has analysed the penalty decision in the Coppa Italia match between Atalanta and Milan.

Cesari has scrutinised the moment when a penalty was awarded to Atalanta. Regarding his analysis of the situation, Cesari notably focussed on the player Jimenez Miranchuk’s actions. He asserted, “You need to check if he touches the opponent’s knee. Jimenez puts his foot on the ground, there is distance between the two. Jimenez can’t commit a foul.” His observation suggests a critique of the abrupt penalty decision during the game, casting doubts on the validity of the penalty.

More comments can be seen on Milan News 24, as Cesari’s analysis continues concerning the game’s pivotal moments.

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