Milan, agent Gabbia reveals truth about January return

Matteo Gabbia’s agent, Tullio Tinti, has commented on the possibility of the defender returning to AC Milan. Speaking at the sidelines of the Assoagenti assembly, Tinti addressed the rumours surrounding Gabbia’s return to San Siro.

“Is Gabbia’s return to Milan a concrete option? It’s news that you have, and I don’t yet,” Tinti said, addressing the reporters’ inquiries.

Tinti expressed that he’d yet to verify the news and mentioned that Gabbia has been performing exceptionally well at Villarreal, suggesting that they would be very happy to keep him.

While acknowledging that AC Milan could indeed require Gabbia’s defensive strengths due to recent injuries within the squad, he stressed the importance of continuity for Gabbia’s development, complimenting Milan for providing it. And although a possible return couldn’t be ruled out Tinti stated, “If Milan really needs him, the boy will consider it.”

He further emphasised that there are no clear conversations between the clubs yet about Gabbia’s shift, stating that no one has contacted him so far.

On the subject of Colpani, another client he represents, Tinti described him as very calm and understanding of how football works. He encouraged Colpani to maintain his current good performance and said the future evaluation would be based on the pitch’s events, not speculation.

When questioned about Audero, another player Tinti represents, he admitted the player doesn’t play too much but reaffirmed his abilities as a goalkeeper. He dismissed premature talk of a transfer, stating such news was not yet available.

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