Meret Set to Leave Napoli, Replacement Already Lined Up

Napoli and Meret are set to part ways at the end of the season: the partenopei have already identified his successor for the upcoming campaign. The mix of ups and downs, along with the final whistle, applies to him as well as everyone else: Meret stopped a penalty from Soulè on Sunday’s Napoli-Frosinone match; he conceded two goals, one of which he was…”.

The Napoli club and their goalkeeper, Alex Meret, are expected to bid each other farewell at the conclusion of this season. The club is said to have already pinpointed who will succeed Meret for the next campaign.

Meret, like the rest of the team, experienced a rollercoaster stretch with bright spots and challenges on the field. His performance in the Sunday match against Frosinone was a testament to this pattern.

During the game, Meret managed to block a penalty kick from Frosinone’s forward, Soulè. But he also let in two goals, one of which he was directly implicated in, signalling possible reasons for the anticipated transfer.

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