McKennie: There is a closed mentality in Italy

Juventus midfielder, Weston McKennie, recently opened up about his experiences since his move to Italy on Moise Kean’s podcast.

Talking about the stereotypes concerning American footballers, McKennie expressed, “I’ve always found it fascinating how everyone thinks that us Americans only play football, basketball and such.” When he first came to Italy, many doubted his ability to play soccer, a sport often neglected in the United States mainstream sports scene.

McKennie reflected on the rise of other American footballers, naming Pulisic, Musah, Busio, and Weah as significant figures. He noted, “Now everyone in Italy believes Americans can play soccer.”

However, the Juventus player also commented on the occasionally closed mentality in Italy, saying, “In Italy, people can be pretty closed-minded. But, to me, it’s not important what others think.”

McKennie’s statements on the Kean’s podcast reveal his resilience and determination in smashing cultural stereotypes and proving his skills on the football pitch.

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