Mazzarri on Napoli: We had to restart to avoid triggering negative mechanisms

Walter Mazzarri, the Napoli coach, expressed his thoughts after the club’s win over Cagliari in remarks made during his interview with Dazn.

Commenting on the victory, he said, “It was extremely important to win to get us back on track, we are Napoli after all.” He indicated that a loss could have triggered a negative cycle, possibly challenging the team’s morale and convictions.

When discussing the performance of player Mario Rui, he pointed out that implementing their system requires wingers who can play effectively with the external attacker. “It’s tough if there isn’t someone to back you up and keep the pressure off you. If we can be more agile, we don’t always have to wage war with three people,” Mazzarri said.

Reflecting on the game, the Napoli coach claimed that in the first half it seemed as though their goal was cursed. “We had a nearly record ball possession. It’s likely that this team is going through a period of tension, it was foreseeable that this would be a difficult year. Only by winning games and finding peace… Sometimes we are not calm, some opportunities were simple. Strikers when not calm miss easy goals.”

The full interview with the Napoli coach can be found by clicking the link provided in the original article.

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