Mazzarri on Napoli: Football has changed, but I have updated too

In an interview with Sky Sport before the kicking off of Napoli’s Champions League clash with Braga, Napoli’s coach, Walter Mazzarri shed light on his thoughts concerning the game.

Mazzarri said, “Football has changed a lot since my last Champions League stint: I believe I stayed the same but I updated myself. We worked a lot during that period and ended up having the first gratifications for a Napoli that then managed to always stay at those levels.”

He went ahead to explain that they had carried out some trainings and tried new things, hoping the players would be ready to put them into practice. Most importantly, his focus was on crossing this round.

Concerning the chance of two outcomes, Mazzarri expressed hope that the players won’t dwell on that fact. He emphasised on the need to approach the game with the knowledge they have, pay more attention to the defensive phase but still wish to cross the round in the best possible way.

In his concluding remarks, he spoke about Osimhen, stating that all players applauded him and that they all hope he would help in winning the game.

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