Mazzarri believes Napoli still lacks ruthlessness

Napoli’s coach, Walter Mazzarri, expressed his thoughts following their defeat against Juventus in an interview with DAZN.

In his view, the Naples-based club gave a solid performance during the match. “Anyone who knows about football knows that there are moments. The lads played a great game, I believe they dominated in terms of gameplay. They are vehement, nasty, and attentive; we lost a man in the area. I think if we continue like this, we could have a string of outcomes,” Mazzarri stated.

Regarding the player Kvara, Mazzarri asserted his belief in his capabilities despite recent disappointments. “I’ve only recently arrived, there were some issues otherwise they wouldn’t have called me. Kvara’s opportunity was striking, I believe we will definitely see results. But the guy is strong, let’s not forget that we are without our two regular full-backs on the left flank.”

Mazzarri also reflected on the recent defeats against Real Madrid, Inter Milan, and Juventus. “We lack viciousness, that particular trait that makes the difference in big games. Today, the team didn’t fall into counterattacks, we were well-positioned. Osimhen is coming off a long-term injury, we have several players absent and we are paying for it. I believe from now on, this team can only have a great championship.”

Victor Osimhen, the Nigerian forward, he deemed as a key player for Napoli’s success. “Champions are influential for all teams. He gets harassed, he gets marked. He must be well and will be the one to make the difference. He is a devastating player,” Mazzarri said about Osimhen.

Finally, talking about his responsibilities as the manager after a scudetto (league win), Mazzarri showed optimism despite the match’s unfavourable result. “When a manager arrives at such a club, after a Scudetto, he must strive to resolve the problems. We didn’t deserve to lose today. I am confident I can string together a series of wins.”

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