Mazzarri anticipates two crucial returns for Napoli ahead of Roma clash

Napoli Football Club has released an update on their training conditions, announcing the recovery of footballers, Anguissa and Zielinski.

The details came after their Coppa Italia match against Frosinone. The training session took place at the SSCN Konami Training Center, where they are preparing for their Serie A match against Roma, scheduled for the upcoming Saturday as part of the 17th round of Serie A.

The Napoli team broke into two groups for the session. Those who played from the start in their most recent match undertook recovery workout routines at the gym. Meanwhile, the rest of the squad members underwent a session kicking off with activation and strength circuit on field two, reported the official club news.

Following that, the group transferred to field one, where they engaged in technical-tactical work and a series of mini-games on a reduced field. Anguissa and Zielinski, who had been under recovery, were seen training with the main group.

“Olivera underwent a personalised training regimen at the gym while Elmas received therapies,” the club reported further. The inclusion of Anguissa and Zielinski in the training group is seen as a positive sign, indicating their likely inclusion in the competitive squad for the pending match against Roma.

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