Mauro suggests Motta made a courageous choice and believes it’s right to change when a cycle opens; compares Douglas Luiz to a notable figure.

Massimo Mauro has provided an in-depth interview to La Gazzetta dello Sport, sharing his thoughts on the new Juventus under the management of Thiago Motta and the club’s ever-evolving transfer market.

On the new manager, Mauro stated, “Thiago Motta has combined the quality of play with results.” Mauro praised Motta’s approach, highlighting the blend of entertaining football and effective outcomes that the manager has brought to the team.

Discussing Juventus’ transfer strategies, Mauro explained, “The Bianconeri’s market is in a state of constant evolution.” This continually changing landscape has seen Juventus both acquire and offload players in a bid to bolster the squad and remain competitive on all fronts.

In summarising his views, Mauro emphasised the potential for Thiago Motta to lead Juventus to great success this season, leveraging both tactical acumen and strategic transfers. “The combination of Motta’s tactical nous and a dynamic transfer policy could see Juve achieve great things,” Mauro concluded.

This interview offers a glimpse into the optimism surrounding the club’s future direction, characterised by innovative management and strategic player recruitment.

Massimo Mauro’s insights, shared in La Gazzetta dello Sport, echo the sentiments of many fans and analysts as they look forward to what lies ahead for Juventus.

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