Matri: Juventus lacks forward who can guarantee 15-20 goals

Alessandro Matri, a former Juventus player, recently shared his thoughts about the club’s current situation in the league during an interview on DAZN.

Matri made a significant comment concerning the scoring abilities of Gatti and Bremer. He suggested, “Their goal-scoring feats can’t always save the team, and there seems to be a lack of a fixed starting player, apart from Chiesa.”

The ex-Juventus striker pointed out the absence of a reliable “15-20 goals striker” who can become a consistent scoring outlet during times of difficulty.

Addressing the state of manager Massimiliano Allegri, Matri said that while there was disappointment surrounding the team’s performance, Allegri is skilled in managing the issues and attempting to rectify them in the course of the week.

He expressed that the previous match could have been an opportunity for Juventus to move forward against Inter, thus hinting at dissatisfaction with the team’s performance.

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