Marelli: Bastoni’s clear elbowing means Inter’s goal should have been disallowed

Former referee Luca Marelli has commented on the controversial decision made by the match officials confirming the decisive goal from Frattesi in the game between Inter and Verona, analysed on Dazn.

Marelli criticised the decision stating, “There will be a lot of discussion about this goal. There’s a foul by Bastoni on Duda, with Inter’s defender looking at him and giving him a slight elbow. The Hellas player dramatises everything, but that doesn’t matter. This goal should have been disallowed for the foul by Bastoni on Duda.”

Marelli’s comments imply a distinct dissatisfaction with the refereeing decision in the high-profile match, indicating that he believes Bastoni’s actions on Duda warranted a foul. The impact of such a decision could have significant repercussions on the final outcome of the game, a factor likely to further spur debate among the football community.

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