Marani: System Reforms Needed to Aid Serie C

Matteo Marani, the President of Lega Pro, has addressed the current issues of Serie C clubs in an online press conference. His statement was reported by Tmw.

Mr. Marani stated that Serie C “needs to be a right mix of young and experienced players”. He lamented that this balance is being disrupted as there are no longer avenues for progression towards higher divisions. He provided a sense of historical perspective, “[In the past] Players grew in Serie C, were trained in Serie B, then were brought up to top-tier football.”

But now, he suggests, an obstruction has occurred within the system, making it difficult for players to move up through the ranks. However, Marani emphasised that this problem should not be considered in isolation. Instead, system-wide reform is necessary, proposing that “Serie A should buy from Lega Pro clubs”.

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