Mangiante praises Mourinho from Sky studio then apologizes

An astonishing incident occurred during José Mourinho’s press conference on Sky Sports, leaving spectators and participants taken aback. Sky Sports “Mangiantes’ was in process of praising Mourinho when an audible voice from the studio made an unexpected comment.

During the course of the conference, journalist Angelo Mangiante was speaking highly of Mourinho when a voice in the background was heard making a startling comment: “He doesn’t need these ass-kissings…”

The voice was later identified as that of Marco Nosotti, a fellow Sky journalist. Not long after the incident, Nosotti swiftly took to social media to publicly apologize for his misstep. He apologised to his colleague for his unseemly comment in a message on social media, admitting that he had made a mistake. His apology was posted later on the evening of December 17, 2023.

The remark was surprising and unexpected, sending shockwaves through the football journalism community and beyond. As the dust settles, all eyes are on Sky Sports to ensure the decorum and professionalism typically associated with their brand is upheld in upcoming broadcasts.

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