Mangala’s Agent Confirms: Napoli’s Interest is Genuine

Enrico Sposato, the intermediary for the potential transfer deal involving Orel Mangala, has spoken to Radio CRC about the possible move of his client to Napoli.

Sposato stated: “A footballer like Mangala, as I see it, could do very well at Napoli, he has a strong desire for Italy. There is a possibility of finding a solution that is suitable for all parties, but at the moment we are at a standstill. Napoli’s interest is genuine, but all the conditions must be met in order for the deal to go ahead. The lad appreciates Italy and Napoli. He is well acquainted with many players who play or have played in the Campanian capital. I think, among others, of Traoré, Ngonge and Dries Mertens. The lad appreciates the city both from a social and technical point of view, at the moment it is all on hold, but the negotiation could be unlocked at any moment.”

These words paint a hopeful picture for Napoli’s hopes to secure the signing of Mangala. However, it is clear from Sposato’s comments that negotiations are ongoing and the deal could go either way, hinging on several factors. The specificity of his references to other footballers and the alluring culture of the Italian city suggests Mangala’s personal interest in the move. As it stands, time will tell if this potential transfer becomes a reality.

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