Mancini recalls Vialli’s ambition to become Sampdoria president

Former national coach Roberto Mancini revealed some words in memory of Luca Vialli, one year after his passing. He made these remarks at the event titled “My Name is Luca, Ballata per Vialli” held at the Carlo Felice Theatre in Genova. His comments were subsequently relayed by Sky Sports.

Mancini spoke about his regrets concerning the former national striker’s unrealised dream. He was quoted saying, “The only thing that I am sorry about is that he had one last dream – to become the President of Sampdoria. I am sorry that he did not manage to achieve it.”

Vialli, a well-renowned figure in Italian football, left a substantial legacy behind, and his aspiration to head Sampdoria – a dream left unfulfilled – is a poignantly significant part of his story, as highlighted in Mancini’s heartfelt tribute.

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