Manchester United, ten Hag: This team gives me hope, we are not consistent but…

Manchester United’s manager, Erik ten Hag, has given a press conference on the eve of the Champions League clash with Bayern Munich.

Ten Hag expressed his confidence and optimism about his team’s capabilities. “This team gives me hope. We’re not consistent, but we’ve also put in some excellent performances,” said Ten Hag at the press conference.

He alluded to matches played against Chelsea, Everton, and Galatasaray, implying that the team has proven they can defeat anyone at their best. Less than three months have passed since the commencement of these games, reminding us that with the right attitude and fighting spirit, they can succeed.

Furthermore, he highlighted the intimidating atmosphere that United’s home turf, Old Trafford, offers. He reminded everyone that opponents often find it challenging to compete there and reassured his fans that the players acknowledge their constant support.

However, ten Hag stressed that the responsibility of energizing the fans ultimately lies with the team’s performance on the pitch.

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